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on Aug 09, 2018

Post written by Jay Gajjar

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. UTM codes are a fantastic way for a marketing professional to track their results and adjust spend. After all, results are what matter to the client. A UTM code is just a string of text that can be attached with a custom URL to track a source, medium, campaign, adgroup and other similar aspects that might be useful for both, the marketer and their clients. Common uses of UTM codes include, creating a vanity URL for your campaign, and redirecting that URL to the targeted page. This gives you the benefit of being able to monitor, track and keep records of how a user reached your page, via which campaign, which particular ad / commercial attracted the user, rather than having to create separate landing pages for each campaign or adgroup. This also gives you the advantage of being able to track distinct sources, medium AND campaign names! along with any other keywords that might seem valuable to track.

Once you know the keywords, terms and values that need to be tracked, Google provides a wonderful tool, that allows you to build your custom URL, share it and also convert it to a shortened URL – Campaign URL Builder. Here is an example of  how a custom URL would look:

Another amazing thing about UTM parameters is that they can be passed through fields of a form on your page. These fields can be hidden so that a visitor does not see them. Furthermore, these fields could be pre-populated using a simple and custom Javascript or jQuery code snippet that fetches the values from the custom URL we created above. Let’s continue with that example

This is an Ordered List:

  1. This is one
  2. This is two
  3. This is three
    1. This is three one
    2. Three two
  4. Four
    • Four One
    • Four Two

This is an UnOrdered List:

  • This is one
  • This is Two
    • This is two one
    • This is two two
  • This is three
    1. This is thtee one
    2. This is three two



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